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From a Hobby to a Business



IT Consultant. Over 20 years experience in Hardware and Software repair.

I'm an all rounder: dealing with Windows, Dos, Apple Mac, Linux Operating System.

I've started in the computer age from the ZX Spectrum Days, with a 48Kb. Had a tape drive, then onto a mini disk, then onto a floppy drive with a normal large keyboard and a thermal printer. We still have these parts. Also the books about the ZX Spectrum.

Then I received for free my first XT Intel Computer with DOS 3. Learned the DOS file system, even bought DOS 6.2 Stiffy's. Programmed in QBASIC. So started when South Africa started receiving computers for the Public.

In the beginning of modem's I helped a older man to start his own Bulletin Board Server which he ran for many years until internet came about.

I started using the internet in DOS days, as my Father was working for Telkom. He received a set of Stiffy Disks that you would install on a DOS computer. This would allow you to connect to the internet with using your keyboard. When Windows came about, I used Netscape and a web browser Named Mozilla to navigate the internet.

When the first 386 came to a computer Expo Show in Durban; I bought my first Desktop. We had a friend who worked for HP, he received the first original stiffy's of Windows 3.1, which he gave to me for free, I may have been the first person in Ladysmith with that version of Microsoft Windows 3.1. I've used all Windows version, even Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0. My first Windows version I bought was Windows 95. I don't believe in Piracy and have kept all my Windows versions with Legal keys.

I have the original source code of Linux Kernel when DOS was the only operating system. Came out on a DOS shareware CDROM. Bought my first Linux Distro called  SUSE 5.1, Still have the book and two packs of CD's. Have continued to use Linux with it's many DISTRO's and tested many of the different branches of the UNIX builds.

Linux is my main goto Operating system.

Linux may not be everyone cup of tea as it's not purely wizard driven. What draws me to the Operating system is it's pure stability that will never be beaten by Microsoft and that will always be that way, it's multitasking capability cannot be found on any other operating system and it's never ending customisation. Also it's ability to never get a virus or be easily Hacked. Quara Why is Linux networking more efficient than Windows?    ZDNET Microsoft and Linux's love

Have a limited study in Turbo Pascal Programming  Lazarus IDE and Delphi. Have programmed in Lotus Macro Language Info. Have programmed in Visual Basic from the point of view of Microsoft Office Visual Basic.

I manage three Linux Servers in the town. Set them up for remote management through VNC and SSH login. Have vast knowledge in Samba file system setup, which allows for Microsoft Computers to communicate with Linux file system on a network. There is no cost on the software side and no limits in how many people can connect. It can also act as a domain controller with just as much features as Microsoft File System Controlling Software. There are also commercial DISTRO's : Namely RED HAT and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.



I started the Business with my Father who has had 34 years in Telkom and I've always known him to be a fixer of just about anything Electronic.


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