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IT Consultant. Over 20 years experience in Hardware and Software repair.

Iím an all rounder: dealing with Windows, Dos, Apple Mac, Linux Operating System.

Have a limited study in TurboPascal Programming and Delphi. Have programed in Lotus Macro Language. Have programed in Visual Basic from the point of view of Microsoft Office Visual Basic.

I manage three Linux Servers in the town. Set them up for remote management through VNC and SSH login. Have vast lodge in Samba file system setup, which allows for Microsoft Computers to communicate with Linux file system on a network. There is no cost on the software side and no limits in how many people can connect. It can also act as a domain controller with just as much fetchers as Microsoft File System Control Software


Unifi Devices

Tenda Devices

Mikrotik Wireless

All makes of ADSL Modems


Anti Virus products I deal with is Mostly Bitdefender. Able to deal with Eset, Avira, kaspersky and Norton. Have dealt with many many different Antivirus programs when it comes to Free Antivirus products.

For those who don't know this and would like to save on a truck load of money.

South African sister companies praise Linux-based accounting program

Quasar Accounting

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