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I am interested in keeping information about Small Town Christian activities on this site 

Social runner who enjoys going to run's in Natal, windsurfing, mountain biking and other Sports Activities. The Club I belong to is Ladysmith Athletic Club or LAC for short, we are constantly active all year round, even during the cold weather that Ladysmith Experiences.

I also believe in Evangelism to motivate the people we meet everyday to spread the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and know that there is always somebody backsliding and not doing there part to be fulfilled in the Holy spirit and let God take control of your life (if you believe in Jesus, the Devil will always be on the prowl to deceive you from the truth, but remember Jesus has defeated the Devil). We need to be constantly attentive to the needs of Jesus Calling in our lives to believe that he's with us every step of the way. That's why Evangelism means that we should keep all people who want to be saved from not dying from a lonely death and those who are searching for the meaning of life, to find that Jesus is waiting for YOU to receive him in his Loving arms, because he has been searching for YOU; Jesus know's exactly what your true potential is if you put your TRUST in him.
I believe that the only way we can all be happy and Joyous of our selves so that transformation happens in our lives is:

1) We make an effort to go to Church to here the meaning of the scriptures read to us, and to here from the sermon that there is always something in the scriptures that pertains to the present day activities of people of all ages, culture, gender, stature.

2) Be a part of Cell or Bible study Groups amongst people with an open vision that can relate and communicate in a loving way. As Christians should not avoid people they do not like, Groups that come together under a focus of the Love for Jesus Christ should have a forgiving heart and be able to forgive as we are all sinners. It is the Lord's way that we are made Perfect and through him we project that perfection.

3) Christian also have the most fun when it comes to weekend and Holiday's, as there is always camps. Games that are free and enjoyable for all races and gender. These help motivate team work, encouragement, a healthy development. This also helps with social togetherness in getting to know each others strong and weak points, and so support an encouraging growth.
There are many sports men and women who are excellent players in there sport. This reveals that evangelism has no boundaries.

4) Everybody can also invite Christ in there working environment as we know there is a lot of pressure there and so be apart of all the working decisions we make everyday. It is a fact that asking Christ in pray of all decisions that there will be a prosperous gain in the working environment. It can be said that is how we believe and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that all thing are possible. This reiterates a Christian Living.

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